I recently met a man at my office who has confused me like hell. He is 33 and he acted single until he was asked about his marital status at the company meeting which was being held live. He first answered "Can I skip this question". But he was not allowed to and the officials aksed him if he's seeing someone, to which he replied "i am married"

Everyone was stunned and asked him why didn't he reveal it to anyone that he was married (because he has NEVER shown any pic of him and his wife) and he said "nobody asked me so i never told anyone (he was just asked and he was wanting to skip the question!)

Anyway, he never really spoke about it again until his birthday arrived. Normally every married person whether male or female, have their husbands/wives come over on that day but nobody came for him and he celebrated his birthday with us.

Then later on some people who are know him though his facebook said he was single! Another person said they asked his casting director who also said that he is a bachelor!

We were invited to Indonesia and the company went there for a conference and over there this guy was flirting with almost every female, dancing with them and enjoying their attention and company. When he was asked about his personal life he was reluctant to discuss it but the girlsover there were saying he is single!

His information about his background changes in every speech. He keeps saying he's married but never shows pictures with wife and flirts with other girls. He can take photos with his female friends and colleagues and share them but cannot share pictures with wife.

What is this?


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  • he's just a player lol

    • is he really married or just lying?

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  • Do a $10 dollar background check on him online that will tell you

  • Assuming he isn't trying to cheat, three options

    1. Married but separated; especially religious men
    2. Married with open relationship
    3. Widower, and not comfortable talking about the death of his wife

    • he has secret affairs with famous women but claims in public he is married!

    • I stand by my comment

  • Maybe he just likes keeping his work life and personal life separate


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  • I think the only person who knows the answer to this is him. If you really want to know I would suggest bringing it up with him.

    There are so many variables and different circumstances, that who knows what it is?

    Perhaps he is married but separated from his wife, perhaps he was married but is now a widow, perhaps he was in fact lying, for any number of reasons.

    None of us could tell you, there are so many different possibilities.

  • He's a married player.

    • how?

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    • but if he is married how come we never get to see his wife? Why is he always reluctant to talk about it?

    • For what? So it can kill his game? no thanks.