The smaller the better?

My mom and I always like to talk about weddings for fun, but she says that small wedings are way better then big weddings. I don't necessarily think so because the bigger the weddings the more memorable it will be and more people to share it with. What do you thi k is better, small or bigger weddings?
The smaller the better ?

  • Small weddings are perfect !!
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  • grande/big weddings are great !!!
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  • Bigger weddings by far, the bigger the better. I have been to many and I just love the beauty of a huge classy wedding


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  • More expensive and bigger wedding receptions certainly lead to shorter marriages and faster divorce.
    The same goes for expensive engagement rings

    • Funy you say that cuz my mom said the same thing xD

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What Girls Said 2

  • I would prefer a tiny wedding and huge reception. Most weddings seem very awkward to me because it seems like the bride and groom are such a spectacle. I don't need dozens of people staring me down while I'm making a life-long commitment to somebody. I'd rather such have a gigantic party AFTER the vows have already been said and whatnot. That way the nerve-wracking marriage process is already over with.

  • I prefer small and simple that way I get to focus on the fact that I am getting married rather than worry about other things. My mind will be relaxed and at peace.

    I will throw an after party after honeymoon