Ladies, would you propose to your man? Men, how would you feel if your woman dropped down on one knee to propose?

How would you guys feel? Would it matter to you? Or do you believe it doesn't matter as long as the two are in love?

Me honestly, I would not propose.

Also, do you want to even get married in the first place?

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  • I don't care, after all, what matters is that we're getting married.
    BUT, I would like to be the one proposing, cause I wanna make it special, I wanna see her face when she sees the ring, the joy and happiness in her face.

    • Yes! I want to feel the joy and happiness when he does it.

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    • @charlottiee Never thought of something like that, but it's still not spontaneous, she wouldn't have the same reaction as if she didn't know.

    • I disagree i think she'd be very surprised because its such an original idea

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What Guys Said 3

  • If i was ready to get married and she proposed to me, I'd say yes. I'd think it was reallyyyy sweet, and awesome, and unique that she would do something like that.

  • That's fine with me, assuming you paid for the ring. Just don't be so desperate you beg me to buy you everything. And don't sound desperate like "My biological clock is ticking" or "I don't wanna die alone".

  • It may seem odd given it's generally considered the norm for a man to propose, but I personally wouldn't mind if a woman proposed to me. Just as long as said woman didn't mind me blubbering and crying like a girl who just got proposed to. Because I would.

    • ahhhh you'd better keep a spare pack of tissues on you just incase it ever happens :)

What Girls Said 4

  • it depends on the type of relationship and type of people. Personally, I am the type of person to do that. But some people are in relationships that if the women did that it would be uncomfortable or awkward.

  • I hate the whole dropping down to one knee thing. I'd be cool with saying marry me dude.

  • I don't think I would, but if I did, I'd deffo skip the ring and the kneeling.

    • You don't want a ring when the guy proposes to you? :O

    • Not that it wouldn't be nice, I just don't think it's NECESSARY. But me, doing all the proposal thing (flowers, candles, and shit) and giving a guy a ring? lol... I'd feel weird

  • No, I would never. I already have my dream proposal... Which is probably never going to happen

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