Guys, is this just me?

okay so i have noticed a lot of married people after having been married for a while lose their desire and passion ans spark for each other honestly i think just because you hvae them now doesn't mean you should stop the romance just because you've got them and there is no point in outting any effort personally when i get married i will never let my marriage be dull or without still being madly in love and being smitten with my husband do any of you feel the same way?


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  • While I agree with the sentiment, I think its a bit more complicated than that. The first rough patch is kids, statisticly this is the period when couples are least happy. The big problem is that kids are a full time job, which is why originally women staid home and men worked, this way they could get the money they needed (the mans full time job) and the woman would be home with the kids/housework (her full time job) when the man got home he and the wife would spend equal time with the children and then also have time to spend with each other. Now, he works a full time job, and she works a full time job then they both get home at the same time and try and do another full time job between the two of them at which point when they do manage to put the kids to bed they are so burnt out they really don't have the energy to engage with each other which leads to monotany and passionless marriage. Studies show that after children reach an age of independence the happiness of the couple increases back to pre child levels. Of course this is if the marriage even survives this rough patch. People like to criticize traditional roles but their is a reason we have been doing this for thousands of years. Of course now with higher taxes and cost of living its near impossible to do things like we use to. If you can figure a way that works though that would be great because the way we do things now just isn't working.

    • yeah well thanks to feminism there you have it there is no harder job than raising or even babysitting kids

    • Men and women where meant to work as a team, if either one could do it all then they wouldn't need each other. This is probably the greatest over sites in modern thinking, the idea that we can do it all and do it by ourselves.

    • exactly

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  • yeah I agree, if anything marriage should be more intense lol. I don't wanna get married and have a boring life, no fuck that. im gonna make every day awesome.

    • exactly you are awesome lol star lord

  • My wife and I have been together off and on for 28 years and we still have passion for each other. We also hang out together and do things as a couple.

    • that's great but I don't understand if your married what do you mean on and off

    • We sepperated for a period of 7 years while we both tried to find ourselves. But found that we liked each other more.

    • oh okay gotcha

  • Yess i feel the same way

    • oh good Im not the only one so what are your thought on this problem?

    • Well I think marriage puts pressure on people because they Weren't ready to begin with. here's an interesting fact; Did you know that 30% of divorce documents have the word "Facebook" in it.

    • wow that's interesting maybe if people would get off their stupid phones and actually be with each other we wouldn't have this problem, i swear when im an adult and I see a couple together but on their phones I will take their phones and throw them in the street lol jk but I feel that way inside