Living together before marriage??

I'm doing a debate in school about cohabitation before marriage... I'm for it... I was wondering what are younger generation think ... I can barely find info about this topic... Any material would be greatly appreciated



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  • If you want my personal opinion (though I'm pretty sure I'm a dying breed) I don't really approve of sex before marriage. First because of religious reasons, but also because if you have sex before marriage, the marriage itself has less "sticking" power. There's nothing truly special, unique, or wondrous about sex with your wife (or husband), she's just a variation on an old theme. Also, imho, it contributes to infidelity later on in life. instead of trying new and different things with your spouse, you feel it might be easier to find someone else, just to break up the routine.

    This is only my own personal opinion. Having experienced none of this (I'm not married and I walk my talk), I only have speculation and observation to go on. But that's what I think.

    • I was talking about living together before marriage. not having sex before marriage

      but thanks for ur opinion

  • I feel like it's something you need to try out (sex also) before you commit to something like marriage. spending a lot of time with a person in their home is one thing, but actually living with the other person all the time is another. little things they do around the house over time can really become annoying and while it's easy to say "well you love each other so you should be able to get over it", the truth is that these little things here and there add up, and eventually it can cause a lot of fuss and stress in the relationship.

    if you live with the person beforehand, you can get that sense of how they act around the house in terms of cleaning and quirks. if it's a problem, you guys can work on the issue so that hopefully it gets resolved for both people or if it's really something extreme that just doesn't seem to change, now you'll know what to expect if you decided to go through with a marriage.


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