Do you think it is ok for me to get married so soon under these conditions?

Before I had the popular opinion that two people should think about marriage when they've had about a couple + years of knowing eachother, both financially stable, and have moved out of their parents' houses already. My boyfriend of just two months has asked if we can marry in the next 7-8 months. He believes that I am the one (I do too) and just wants to already be married already. It's one of those relationships where we just initially clicked, all our walls from being hurt in the previous relationships have somehow been torn down, we tell eachother everything even about the occasional strange poops we have, and our love continues to grow everyday. We are thinking about getting married and not telling our parents, friends, anyone, and later have a formal cerimoney when it's more socially acceptable like when I get out of school. I always imagioned before that I would have my shit together before getting married, but now I'm just like fuck it, I don't see us ever breaking up. I know this sounds crazy, but just bare with me. by the way he has just turned 23 and I am 20.
So here are the reasons why I don't find this 100% insane, anymore:
We already know how we deal with dissagreement
We respect eachother's differences and talents
Are the most commited less likely to cheat people you'll find
Trust eachother completely
Both genuinely want to get married (for me, when, is the question)
Have agreed to stay when times are rough no matter what
Are both college educated (I'm still in school)
Eventually want to have children
Have no problem with eachother's eating, sleeping, sex, etc habits and manorisms
We have a strong sense of common sense and will not be financially irresponsible in the future
We are so kind to eachother and hate to hurt the other's feelings.
We talk through everything, and aren't affraid of sharing emotions
We are eachother's best friends

Also since I ran out of characters, I would like to also say that I know the dangers of rushing into things too quickly. I just have a feeling that this man is forever. Also we will not move in together or start a family right after we have this initial marriage. We will go about our relationship pretty much the same as we have, the title will just be between us and the marriage license until the time comes to actually have a ceremony and tell people.


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  • Not okay. You're rushing. You're still young, and only been together with him for two months... That is not enough...
    You need to be together for perhaps years, to really know who you are with...

    Marriages which are just rushed, are more likely to fail

    • Yes I am well aware of the fact that it is impossible to 100% know someone in just 2 months. There is an undeniable feeling though that this one is different than all the others I have been with. The biggest difference is the level of commitment and that we will do anything to make this work.

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    • Thank you for your opinion, having this discussion like this is the reason I asked this q on gag :) I will definitely keep your opinion in mind to some extent, that which will most likely be subconscious, so in a way it is pretty important since you brought up many important points.

    • Anytime (I spot some of your questions)

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  • Why don't you want to tell anybody? Honestly, if you both feel this way then go for it, there are plenty of people who get married that fast and are together 30yrs later. It was actually quite common not that long ago. Just understand that there will be hard times as well as good so don't go and throw it all away just because its gotten difficult (sadly a trend these days) Besides, I get the feeling you have already made your decision and complete strangers are not going to change your mind.

    • We don't want to tell anybody because I know that it will be so controversial, and I don't want that to be looming over my education and ruin my relationships with people, and I don't want some people that I care about a lot to go super judgy. It's more of a thing between us right now and just knowing thats what we see each other as.

  • You can click as well as you want but it's impossible to truly know someone in such a short timespan.

    • Yes. I know that and I have experienced that with everyone I've dated or been in a relationship with. That is actually my biggest concern.

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    • I am willing to take a surprise, even if it is bad. These next months I am talking to him about important questions since we are in it for the long run and shit is bound to eventually go down. Hopefully if we cover all the bases some random surprise is less likely to occur and I can always call it off and wait longer to get married.

    • All I'm trying to say is that you can't possibly know who he truly is (and the same goes the other way around). Two years from now you may not even like eachother anymore. It's impossible to tell this early on.

      I married 8 years after meeting and 3 years after living together and I still think it was too soon.

  • You are too young to marry, in my opinion


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  • Two months is way too soon. No way. Noooooo way. You're still in the honeymoon phase. If you're really that serious about one another, 2 months or 12 months won't make a difference.

    • Our honeymoon period is unfortunately prolonged because of the long distance. I only get to see him about every other week. We talk a lot though. Our communication through text, calls and facetime is on point. I actually think once we get beyond the "infatuation" or "honeymoon" period things will get even better, because I genuinely like just being in his presence and hanging out. As long as we keep our level of closeness and intimacy up I don't see where we could go wrong. I know this really does sound cray, but I am trying to keep an open mind.

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    • I would prefer to wait actually. He on the other end cannot wait. It's something that he feels very strongly about. I have already hurt his feelings greatly when he saw how hesitant I was when he asked. I now want to know the best way of telling him that we should wait.

    • Why is he in such a rush? That's really suspicious.