Is it right to propose your best friend, or should we not do that in the fear of losing her?

confuse between friendship and love, friendship says that I should not do that because it can hurt her if she does not have feelings, and love says just ask her once god knows she may be feeling the same an waiting for you to say that.


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  • In my experience it's mostly the one to confess who has more problems with the confession itself. So I'd say go for it. The time after the confession may be a little bit awkward, but this should settle down after some time.

    There are cases where the other one is completely lost, too, and that might not work out too well in the end. But ask yourself this: Is it worth going crazy? ;) Because you will. The things you feel won't go away on their own. In fact, most likely they'll become even "worse" (whereas in fact this worse is actually better because love is so damn cool :D)

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