How easy is it to hide an elopement?

I just told my dad that I'm moving across the country to be with my new boyfriend and that he and I had discussed getting married. My dad isn't thrilled with the move and was admitted that the marriage was a bad idea considering that if things had worked out in March I would've been married to a different guy last week. I'm doing both either way because I know it is best for me and for us. The marriage is more of a formality for reasons that I won't go into so we'd be eloping either way before I move and having a "real wedding" later on. So since it is just a formality, how easy should it be to hide for a short time?


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  • Proper be easy to hide, but difficult to conceal the mixed you have about it, and about your Dad.

    • "mixed feelings"

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    • Makes sense. And why would you not wait long enough to allow your Dad to get to know him first, and to be part of all this, etc? What is the rush? Are you pregnant?

    • No I'm not pregnant

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  • It should be easy, but one problem U! From this day forward never speak of it again not to ur bestie, sister, priest, no one. Loose lips sink ships

    • Cause people talk. Thats what i mean

    • My dad doesn't know and of my friends as they all live out of state. I didn't grow up with him, just been living here since the breakup with my last boyfriend

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