Guys, I'm so Confused about why when we got back together we couldn't keep our hands off each other & we could talk about anything that crossed our?

Then we got married on 6-14-2014 then we moved & got a place of our own then he would try to sneak or think I was asleep &then touch himself & then tell me he wasn't but he doesn't touch me unless I say something but even then he doesn't show any emotion so I don't know if he likes how & when I do touch him but I always have to ride him so is there something wrong with me &he would be touching himself & I would try to join him but then he will act like he is sleeping what am I doing wrong we use to talk more but now we text in a game & I'll ask him if there is anything wrong he says no just a lot of stress but he would be rubbing himself while playing his game even though I see what he is doing out the corner of my eye then when I turn to talk to him he acts like he wasn't doing anything so what do I do about this if he would just tell the truth about it I would do it with him but he seems to want to hide the fact that he touches himself so what can i do about this when it turns me on & he doesn't do anything to me I make him cumm then he tells me we will make love later but we never do so what is wrong with me he says he loves me but he does this though?

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  • He doesn't want you, he was just horny.


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