Is he ever going to propose to me?

it has been six years we were engaged about 2yrs ago he did propose to me then the ring broke he never bought me a other one since then we have broke up a few times and got back. My dream is to find love and get married before my dad passes away cause I am his only daughter I love this man but I don't know if him and I are ever going to get married?

o and he has already asked for my dad blessing two years ago and my father agreed. to be honest my dad don't even like him but this is something I want.


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  • There is no way I have enough info about him to know. But if it's been six years and you are wanting to get married to him, then maybe you should take some initiative. Ask him why he's not asking. Or man up and ask him yourself.

    Not to seem harsh, but it's you two who are going to be in the marriage, not you and your daddy. Your father shouldn't really have any say unless you're 14 and pregnant. Wanting him to walk you down the isle isn't a real reason to push for a wedding. But six years is sufficient to call for some clarification on why he hasn't asked.


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  • Talk to him about it. IF a guy is comfy in his situation he won't do much to change unless you force him to.


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  • well there are a few options reallly you can either ask him or ask him if you are ever going to get married you know? there's not many options here.

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