How can I tell her I like her?

So, there's this girl I like. We're good friends and have many things in common, I've had some kind of hints, like, for example, whenever I try a FaceBook application of who watches your profile the most or something like that, she's first in the list and well, you know.

I invited her to a concert 2 weeks ago and we had a good time, I know that she enjoyed it, a friend of hers told me she was very happy.

I haven't found the courage (yet) just to tell her "Hey, I like you", thought I've proposed myself to do it as soon as possible, I'm sure that she knows I like her, but I feel she could be waiting for me to tell her or something like that. Though I've no idea if she likes me or not. I also fear I might lose our friendship if I tell her.

Any advice?


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  • If you think she knows and is waiting for you to confess, confess. I don't think your friendship could be completely lost. It may be akward though, that's all. Maybe give more obvious hints that are just an inch away from a true confession or a another hangout that's more of a date.

  • just ask her out again and make it more of an obvious date. she should get the idea that you like her, then when it feels like the right moment, just tell her that you really like her.

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