What do you think ...was I in the wrong ?

Okay so here's my story, started back in June 2008 when I noticed a guy that was a gr higher then me and who had a class across from mine . I would see him around school but mostly in that hallway & then he had a girlfriend but I would still catch him checking me out but he never said anything & I never engaged cause dk interfering. Used to guys being intimidated by me. So 1 day now when I was in a classroom to finish up work unexpectedly he happened to come in with a friend. SO when we saw each other it was very awkward and I caught him staring at me like here and there. Eventually well his friend tries to basically hook me up with him and the friend is in my gr so ya I wasn't surprised by this and he was just like do you like him and I am like no I don't even know him ...am the type of person who has to get to know someone first. So ya one day he sends me a msg via facebook kinda stupid but Idk had this feeling to give him a chance and we got together to have lunch and meet one another & it was no doubt nice I never felt more connected to a guy as we did so again another time. Obviously he got my # & we started texting it was cute and I thought he was 2 , we saw each other a little more before school ended & by the time summer vacation came we still kept contact over the phone for I was unable to see him in person parent's rule :S.

But it worked we chatted like sometimes till 1 & our chemistry build we had some serious convo's but all around I just got that friend vibe from him I didn't see much potential in us becoming more and he did ask me to be his girlfriend like 2 after I said no once because I am not allowed to date till am 16' I guess he anticipated I give in which I did at some point only out of annoyance and make him happy but I ended it because it didn't seem right I couldn't lie. So from that night things went pretty much downhill between us as I feared it would after he had been dumped before but to me not even a real relationship. Then I told him one day how until he's ready to just me friends me contact me, we just needed space & time to think. But he didn't even listen to that because he'd texted me saying I miss talking to you or whatcha doing ? that irritated me like he didn't take me seriously so we got in a argument when I called him up asking him y he was doing this and he just started accusing me of being like the last girl and ended it with your the best thing that's ever happened to me"

So when we got back to school now I just felt like this tension between us and started seeing him flirt with g.9 girls what it looked like to me & he acted as if he never saw which I know he had so he caught me after 1 of my classes & I couldn't help but :) , I just hate myself for that because he has charm & I told him we have to talk in time & he said bout what? I said you'll see & the next time we saw one another he said I'll get back to you I promise and he never did so I was just like screw this wrote him a note put it in locker & a necklace he gave me ...i ended it ...

it just seemed like the right thing to do we both wanted diff things it just didn't make sense , I just don't understand y he couldn't he honest and say he isn't capable of being "just friends" with me because I was upfront with him :|...

y say meaningful then be so quick to push someone out ? plus he didn't seem up to my standards & he was supposed to live up to a few and he may come back round my of age but it will be too late & till this day he looks at me but I just put on am too good


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  • its because he's a guy. its impossible for a boy to stay "just friends" with someone without any physical attraction. the only reason you met in the first place was because you were both attracted to each others looks.

    then you got to know him personally and get in his brain, he opened up to you. if all you two did for the whole summer and before that was talk, he was obviously expecting more, like a relationship or some sign that you felt the same way back.

    he should have respected your parent's decisions in you not dating, and you also shouldn't have felt pressured to date him because you felt like you needed to. otherwise, you would just be lying to him and yourself about the whole relationship.

    you made the right choice in ending it.

    theres no rule that says you both still can't talk, but just forget him and focus on other things that are more important

    • Thankyou ! I thought so ya but I doubt with our history & that's what am doing now lol besides I rather establish myself then get into a serious one makes more sense *

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  • Because when you fancy someone being with them just as friends is like torture.


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