What do you consider marriage material?

Guys and girls, what are the qualities that you think make a good husband or wife? Are there certain characteristics that you look for that you know someone is good enough to be with for the rest of your life?


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  • I honestly don't see myself being with one person the rest of my life. Some people think there is that one special person out there for them. Life experience has taught me it's more like there are 10 or more people out there just right for me. And at varying times or stages of my life.

    People change. Our interests and preferences change. Such is life. Why limit yourself legally to one person when the odds say you have a 50/50 chance of not staying with that person anyway. I'm not saying give up on love or romance, but just be sensible and look at things from all angles. Be pragmatic. IMO if more people did that the divorce rates in this country wouldn't be so high to begin with.

    • Hey, to each his own right? I think some people are just like you and that's the way it goes. For me, I cannot predict what is in my future but I think waiting until you are older definitely reduces those odds, because it gives you more time to figure life out. Would you agree?

    • Taking the time to really get to know yourself is key. I find a lot of people in unfulfilling relationships for a variety of reasons. Most guys I know like this settled because they didn't really know what they wanted in a woman, or were afraid the women they married were the best they could get. Now 7, 8, 10 years and 2 kids in they're getting divorced, partly because they finally realized (or admitted) the person they're married to isn't who they really want to be with.

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  • First off can that person be trusted? If so, then that person passed step 1.

    Then it comes down do I enjoy spending time with that person?

    Does she make me feel like I can do anything. Will she do things for me that she doesn't want to, but will just do it for me. She doesn't hold out grudges, is straight forward. Does she have a decent income or a stable job. Do we communicate well with each other and with others around. These are the qualities that will make a good wife for me, or a good husband for you! ( just change the she to he)

  • There are only two questions that you have to consider when considering if someone is marriage material.

    1. Can I image living the rest of my life without him?

    2. Does he appreciate me for who I am, and let me be the woman I want to become?

    Here's the answer key: 1. No, 2. Yes.

    If you got the answers right, then you are a lucky girl.

    Remember, a marriage is like two overlapping rings (similar to Olympic circles). The area that both overlap is your marriage. The area not overlapping is you and your spouse as an individual. The rings should never completely overlap. This suggest that one is suppressing the other.

    Instead share the overlapping moments of your marriage together (this may fluctuate), while enjoying your sense of individuality as well. Good Luck.


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