My best friend just asked me to be her maid of honour. Is being maid of honour scary?

My best friend is in Australia and I'm in USA. I'm going back in time for her wedding. She wants me to be her maid of honour. It can work, talk on Skype etc. I told her that i dunno how to be a maid of honour. she just said i mostly need for me to be her best friend. I'm overthinking this, am I? I don't want to let her down or ruin her special day especially if the visa all of sudden won't let me out of the country.

  • Being Maid of Honour is fun!
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  • Takes up a lot of time
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  • Just being there and help make choices with the bride
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  • Too expensive!
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  • Too much work, not worth it for a best friend.
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  • I do not think you will like it.


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