Two days and I had a hint dropped for marriage?

This was most likely a joke, wondering if she had a suggestion in it or not... We were in a supermarket we kissed each other and stood back for a second and she said 'oh, we're standing in an aisle' She smiled and blushed a bit, I'm guessing she was joking but then got a bit embarrassed by it?


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  • Personally, I think she might of realized that you were actually standing in the aisle... like, in people's way.

    • The shop was empty... I think she was making a marriage joke, she isn't really into the idea...

    • Oh, never mind then lol

What Guys Said 1

  • More than likely not, she was making a joke, in good fun, probably not to be cruel, and was a bit taken aback by what she herself said.

    • I agree its what I thought also, just making sure I'm not over or underthinking things here.