What do guys really feel about marriage and having children?

I have lot of guy friends, ages varying from 22 to 40. Almost all of them are single and childless. They all said they don't know why they are not married or have any children. Guys?


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  • Get married young, if you want to have "fun" until later which usually means having sex with guys and hooking up. Then you won't find a true man at age 30. In addition the rich men always want the younger girls like in the low 20's so by then your not getting any rich men, your pretty much gonna be marrying someone that's like you, and that has some sort of STD.


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  • At age 26 most my homeboys is married or have kids already, my wolf pack is dying down, however when I ask them are they happy, they all very joyful to be a father.

    Few years back when they has their first kids most of them sold their motorcycle. It broke my heart but now I am getting older, I think they did the right thing

    So it give me a lot of hope in marriage and having children.

  • I can just tell you how I feel about it, but I would definitely would love to get married and have children! So does my girlfriend, so I hope we will get the chance to experience this all together =]


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