What is he trying to say? I want him to come out with it

My FWB won't just come out and say it, it's really annoying now. My last post, is about what he said "Sex on fire by Kings of Leon". Here's the full story, he was being very pessimistic, all of his stress is falling on him, and I said I wish I could help.(He and I are like very close friends) So I said think of a getaway that'll make everything better. He said, Yeah I thought of one, then he said there's one get away, that you and only you can help me with, if you haven't figured what I'm saying yet. I said um no I don't get it. He's like don't over think it, only you can help me with this. Then it was getting late he was getting tired and so was I and then he's like I'm going to bed then he said there's a song by kings of leon, "____ on fire " Fill in the blank.

I figured it out and talked to him, then I said what's your point? You want to do it or what? he's like that's not it, then he said never mind. What's he trying to say?


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  • He very obviously was trying to say sex. The way you reacted to his proposal probably made him rethink it though.


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  • Sounds like he thinks getting laid will ease his stress. Sex is men's answer to just about any kind of stress. Actually, sex is a great temporary stress buster, but if you care about his feelings this much and he just cares about busting a nut, its gonna lead to more stress for you. It doesn't mean anything other than he wants laid. Guys will always throw out no strings attached sex to see if they can get someone interested. What is there for them to lose?