Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage nationwide?

By now I'm certain everyone has heard. I saw a Facebook post recently, however, discussing the legal implications of this. What are your thoughts on this:

Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage nationwide?

Again, this isn't about the "what" - the legalization of gay marriage, it's about the "how."


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  • I agree very much with you that the process was not handled as it should have been. As a libertarian I don't actually have a problem with gay marriage. I do have a problem with the fact that states have voted against gay marriage and the people's voices have not been heard. Kind of defeats the point of a republic. I also have a problem as a religious person that I don't think we should be forced to perform marriages, adoptions, etc that we believe are morally wrong. You know that will be the next step. Just as taxpayers are being forced to pay for abortions under obama care.
    All in all I'm just going to watch what happens but my hope for our constitutional government is fading.


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  • Churches here generally do not allow non believers to marry in them, even if they are heterosexual couples. Gay marriage has been legal here for 10 years and churches do not even have to marry Christian gay couples. They haven't lost any special status or privileges granted to them by the Canadian government. It's just been accepted that non believers and gay couples can only have a civil marriage. I don't see how it's going to be any different in the US.

    Then again, Americans are more outspoken on stuff like this so I could be wrong. Nobody is taking away religious liberty in my opinion. Canadian churches seem to be more accepting than American ones though.

  • It's amazing and yeah.

  • This is case was about civil rights not religious definition of marriage.

  • Yay!
    I don't blame them for being upset that people won't allow them in their churches and not allow them to get married there.


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  • Oh, so now they're gonna complain because people don't like them? They've been persecuting those that don't believe since those religions where created, and they never complained, cause they were "right" and those non-believers were "wrong". Centuries of killings and torturing because they didn't believe in an unproven story, and now they complain?
    Fuck them. The Supreme Court did the right thing to legalize same sex marriage, it's their right, they're free to do so. Religion can do whatever they want about this, if they don't wanna get those people married, ok, fine, it's your right, but don't come crying now because people don't like you, cause you've been hating others for centuries.

  • I think the discussion is and was way too black and white and thus the current outcome will be ending up into something which lacks proper thinking it through.

    Several issues I see with it:

    1. Marriage in itself has always been a religious establishment. By making gay-marriage legal it's literally spitting on all these religions.

    2. There are a few tax- and other advantages which are solely there to support the creating of a family aka child-bearing. Gays can't biologically get children for obvious reasons.

    3. Adoption here is an another problematic aspect. There is quite a lot of scientific research on the absence of a father- or mother-role and it's harm on the childgrowth.

    4. Further weakening institution of marriage itself.

    5. Will churches end up - just like that bakershop - to be forced to perform such a marriage?

    6. It could be a slippery-slope to polygamous marriages and other problematic ideas.

    7. Ignoring the high numbers of domestic violence and such among gay and lesbian couples. That surely will become an even bigger issue with them marrying.

    8. How exactly is marriage a right to begin with?

    inb4 you homophobe / term of your choice which is meant to shame me

    • I thank you for that insightful reply. I am glad your reasoning is based on facts as well as cohesive arguments instead of name-calling and emotionality-blinded responses. I really did a good job to enlighten me and thus I stepped out of the dark.

    • We might have some disagreements on other issues... but you did a good job with this response +1

  • Marriage and it'd roots are in religion mainly Christianity between and man and a woman. A contract between themselves and God and it's audience as the witness.

    We keep changing linguistics putting new definitions and making it something totally different.

    I m against gay marriage. I don't hate gay people I accept them but I don't think ANY LGBT is right.

    • Romans still got married, you know that right? So you're completely wrong, marriage doesn't have its roots in Christianity, nor religion.

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    • If that's even true that you studied it in college I bet you went to a private Christian college. aka Bullshit University. Read a fucking book. For that matter, read your fucking bible. All you need to disprove the bible is the fucking bible. It's all hypocritical nonsensical shit. Study HISTORY not parroted inaccurate Christian dogmatic egocentric illogical make believe

    • No not college a university. 5 grand per semester. My professor teaches at university of toronto. I beleive it's op ten in the world.

      Call it bs cause u don't like it. I m done talking to idiots.

  • Stop it -_-

  • Sigh, can we just stop it?

    Why can't gay people just fucking marry? Why is it so controversial?

    • That isn't what's at issue here - it's about how it was done.

  • This country is killing itself. We no longer need worry about outside threats just the idiots who reside within our own borders...

  • I agree with what you are saying. You are not talking about the legal definition of marriage or if it should or shouldn't be allowed. You are referring to the Court clearly overstepping their authority by ruling for all States and not if something was legal or illegal. The Supreme Court overturned the law in several states that had voters vote to not legalize same sex marriage. This defeats the whole purpose of having a democracy/republic. States have always been allowed to have their own laws made to represent the majority of their citizens. The country was built on a majority rules and sadly with today's ruling that is no longer the case. It is not about the issue of marriage this is clearly about the court overstepping their authority and should be very concerning to the vast majority of citizens of the U. S. The high court can overturn laws in all states even if it against the majority of it's citizens turning a democratic nation more away from that ideology.

    • My thoughts exactly. Either the words of our laws mean what they are, or we are no longer a nation of laws. One can celebrate or even gloat over the supposed win here, but the next law may not be "interpreted" the way you like (gun rights groups are already saying that, by the same logic applied here, all states must now recognize concealed carry).

      There's a system in place to change the law; an amendment process to change the Constitution which has worked perfectly fine in the past. I say we stick to that - don't weaken the foundation of the law by stretching its language to mean whatever someone wants it to mean in pursuit of an agenda. Spell it out in black and white.

    • What people are neglecting to see in this so-called victory is major blow to fundamental beliefs of this country as well as the way the government works. What the Supreme Court did today is truly scary when you think about the actual legal implications behind this action. It means that no laws are safe at all. That if 49 states say that something should be illegal, even by the vast majority of citizens and representatives like a democracy is supposed to work, a single ruling from the Supreme Court can make laws mandatory which completely undermines the entire foundation of this country. It is truly a sad day. The operation of government the way we knew it is over as of today. I wish the users on here would see it's not about the issue it's about how it happened.

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