Why shouldn't a man have the right to marry their sister or brother who is already married?

Because some 60 or so odd years ago, the same sort of question could be posed to a white man or woman about civil rights." Blacks during that time, and polygamists during this time don't need to convince other blacks or other polygamists that they deserve equal rights. They need to convince you to change your mind, your heart, and ultimately your vote. During the 60's a lot of people forget that polygamist rights activists joined hand in hand with civil rights activists because they thought of the civil rights issue not as a "black problem," but a human problem, one they could very much relate to in their own struggles for equality. This is absolutely the way I view the right for polygamy and incest rights now and I will continue to stand up for love, because without love, what else is there?


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  • Thank you... hopefully this will open peoples eyes to whats really going on...


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  • Honestly I think it's weird and creepy but the only thing that makes me opposed to the idea is that having children can cause birth defects and developmental issues. If it wasn't for that, then I wouldn't care who married who, they're all adults and it's not any of my business.

    • So if they are both sterile then its fine. Perhaps we should force sterilization on them first. Or perhaps you should let them marry because its none of your business or anyone's business what two people do behind closed doors, and you appear to be bigoted and anti love.

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    • The thing is incest isn't really accepted or practiced much. So i'm not sure how accurate studies based on that would be in the first place. I would definitely be interested in seeing more study results done by western culture though relating to that. If they did more studies into it and it was more accurate and it showed that it indeed didn't cause more problems in children than non incestuous parents, then I wouldn't have any problem at all with them being married.

    • Also you look ridiculous with your little snarky remarks at the end of everything you say, it's difficult to believe that you're 36+ and still incapable of making a point without including smart ass comments. Not only are your comments uncalled for but you're also assuming things that I never even said in them, try reading comprehension first.

      Especially when someone like me is actually open to the idea of what you're saying and essentially agreeing with it, except for the fact that children's safety is involved. You're acting as though i'm some irrational twit who biased against something, that I have no biased against. Knock that chip off your shoulder because it makes you look stupid.

  • because children have been born with birth defects, physical disabilities, and developmental issues. But hey if you want to have sex with your sister go right on ahead just try to not think about yourself, and instead think of the baby that might come out of that excuse me i threw up in my mouth.

    • Thats incredibly insensitive and bigoted of you. What about the siblings that can't have children? And the tons of cases where these issues have not come about from these unions.
      You should be ashamed of yourself with your hate.
      Im pro love.

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    • Im sure people who were against slavery gave a legitmate reason why freeing the slaves should not happen too.

      You are clearly full of hate and bigotry. Im pro love and want ANY two adults to be married. Its YOU who wants to deny equal rights to people who want to be in love and get married.
      Thats why you are clearly a bigot.

    • Are you comparing people being sodomized and abused to incest where an innocent child could have birth defects? Think of someone besides yourself

  • This is disgusting. THEYRE RELATED!

  • Because that's not right!

    • Thanks for being anti love.

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  • If you marry your sister/brother, you have really fucked up in life. Join redneckville. The reason it's not instated is that hardly anybody does it. Cousins yes, and there are many instances of this in families that especially want to keep the money in the family. It's common practice. Basically people do have that right.

  • The number of problems the child can have due to brothers and sisters marrying is horrendous. Shit, can't you find SOMEONE to marry besides a sibling? Are you that out of options? I love my brothers to death but there's no way in high hell I would marry them if I were still female, let alone do shit with them. That's disgusting.

    There's a fine line between family love and creepy love, and you need therapy.