Can I get married in south korea with a tourist visa?

me and my boyfriend we decided to get marry, but somehow I cannot risk him to come to my country since I am an arab he may get killed and me too, I am not allowed to travel on my own and I am not allowed to go out on my own I finished my university studies, so I will go I will not getting back here, it's like running from home, cause if I will comeback I will be killed, I've read somewhere that in south korea you can get marry with a korean with any type of visa so please please help me your answers, am I risking any thing like being chased or something like that if I get marry with a tourist visa?


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  • Are you sure you want to go against your family, country and religion for him?
    Please think it over again, you are only delaying the inevitable confrontation and find a nicer way.


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  • Yes you can.

    • I will not get chased or anything, if I get married with him so I will stay with him that's right?

    • I will not be like breaking a law or a rule I will not be in trouble or being chased and I will not have the right to be there forever?