Aside from religious reasons, what is the objection to gay marriage?

Obviously many detractors of gay marriage cite the bible, and God's law, etc. as reasons against gay marriage regardless of whether those on the other end believe in their system or not, but what other reasons do people object against gay marriage? There are plenty of straight couples procreating away to the point where we are overpopulated (and besides there are tons of people who have kids outside of marriage anyway) so I don't see the "to have kids" argument as reason enough, but I'm curious to know.


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  • I think homosexuality needs to be condemned because help spread the AIDS virus and this leads to death. AIDS is primarily (not exclusively) spread by male on male sex. That is a medical fact. It's estimated in the U. S., 10,000 people die from AIDS each year. If people stopping engaging in anal sex, these numbers could be cut in half.

    I think its like those who support gun control (which I do too). Yes, I am denying people "rights" and "freedoms," but I am just trying to save lives. When someone dies, it has such a profound impact on so many people.

    • but then your argument does not then apply to gay women who want to marry.

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  • Ugh, the western people should lay off the overpopulation bandwagon. The western societies have their population decreasing, only the poor and the undeveloped are having multitudes of children. As for the opposition of gay marriage, I guess they just think it is "wrong" because "a family is man and woman" or "a guy shouldn't bone a guy's bum, penises were meant for vaginas".

    • Well as far as the population goes, we only have one planet and one population and it is steadily on the rise. Their complaint in that regard is that if gays get married, humanity will somehow suddenly cease to exist b/c people will stop procreating but that's implying that straight people or straight married people are by the millions turning gay and therefore no longer procreating. The only people who "turn gay" by interacting with gays... are people who are gay. Straight people don't turn gay. Ask them about it, lol.

    • Yeah, and population only increases in the realm of the poor.

  • Let me find a reason ummmmm they are too fabulous

  • Gay divorce

  • Kids produced outside marriage as called orphans. Moral values are taught at home. It is home which produces civilised people. Homely people are also religious. (love of father and mother).
    Imagine a world where each person lives for himself, only approaches other sex for pleasure just like animal, and new borns are orphans grown in a breeding place, not knowing who is his father or mother.
    Today gay rights.
    Shortly we will have incest right activitists, bestiality rights activists etc.

    • It's easy to stand up and say you fear something that hasn't happened and to presume it will happen in order to attempt to make it a point, but where are these imaginary groups you speak of fighting to sleep with animals and their children. Gay marriage rights activists are fighting not to marry their children, not to marry an animal, but they are two consenting adults fighting to marry each other. There are plenty of married men and some married women who have committed incest, but you fail to point that out. You fail to bring up those statistical charts. You want to forget that those people exist because its convenient to your point. You also assume that all households with married couples and children are happy or that they teach children to be moral. Morality is not something unique to straight people either.

  • Aside from religious reasons, I don't see any objections.

    As you say the Bible is clear about gay marriage, however from a secular point of view it's an basic human right to choose your own sexuality and lifestyle.

  • Money. Taxes

    • How so?

    • Look up gay marriages, and tax

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  • iv said it before. gay union is not, by ORIGINAL definition, marriage.
    it is now, of course, but that's only because people change meaning over time.

    1. the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman (or, in some jurisdictions, two people of the same sex) as partners in a relationship.

    notice how the brackets are there, indicating homosexuality as a recessive societal discourse, sort of chucked in there. this is really important. there are numerous reasons why this was done. think about why it wasn't just completely changed as a definition in the dictionary.

    call same sex relationships what u want. a union, a bond, a vow, a commitment. i dont care. it's not marriage.

    • My thought process on that is because a few days ago, it was, in the US at least, only legal in 37 states so there was a legal distinction that needed presenting in order to clarify that in some states the definition in one state, might not apply to another. Language and definitions in the dictonary are often updated to reflected changes in the times. For example just recently many dictionaries held that the definition of nude colored, meant of or having white skin when we know that nude can be any color of skin. So if the dictionary took the brackets away and just changed it to a union between man and woman or the same sexes, what then would be your argument?

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    • lol I'm sorry i didn't read all this. i wasn't bothered.
      you basically believe that i can't separate religion and gay marriage because i will refuse to sit here wasting my time talking to an anon user about it.
      seems legit.
      no need to get so defensive to prove a point. i feel no need to prove anything to you, so believe what u will.

    • You read it. I have no doubt. People always say that when they're frustrated and can't seem to make a point. Besides, you said, and I'm quoting here, "Im not gonna split marriage and religion." The very premise of my question was not to involve religion so if you had no interest in doing that... well, why bother even getting involved in the question. I didn't force you to come here and answer this anon question, you came on your own. So you're absolutely right, don't bother wasting my time because all I wanted here is to have a discussion about an issue with those who actually wanted to discuss it in the manner I phrased it.

  • I am 100% anti-gay marriage and the latest supreme court ruling in particular. For me its more so about the constitution and the fact that the supreme court does not have the right to enact law. That power lies solely with Congress. Additionally, there is the issue of church and state. This states that government cannot regulate any sort of religion and that's exactly what they've done here. None of it is constitutional and is actually illegal. Additionally, gay marriage is an abomination...

  • Beside religious reasons as you say because the Bible is the truth. It is just totally gross men with men. Or even women with women it just doesn't make sense. Now us the straight people have to explain that to our kids that its not right. But Obama the president did that to win. But a men with a men could never carry a baby in his belly because he haves a dick.. LOL!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 come on are you serious? There are so many reasons why it shouldn't be okay for Gay people to be Gay. LMAO!!!

    • Most ignorant thing I'll read today, so because people are born a particular way they should be denied happiness? "Uhhhhh, my inbred parents taught me that homosexual relations are disgusting, EW!!! I mean, come on!" Who cares if they can't procreate? How is granting them marriage going to harm society in anyway?

      Hang yourself.

    • I guess your gay you go hang your self because either way your not going into heaven because its against the Bible.

    • By the way people are not born gay that is a demon that they carry. So don't believe that