A women asked is it ok to cheat on her husband?

I am so mad I couldn't believe she posted that. I am married and I would NEVER think like that. I think she has lost her mind and she really doesn't love her husband. What do you think?

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  • Cheating is cheating. It does not matter if a man is cheating on a woman or a woman is cheating on a man. It is never ok. I get really fed up with people that say if a man cheats "he is a pig" but if a woman cheats "the man must have done something wrong". NO! it does not matter who cheats on who it is wrong. I think the woman you are talking about should not even need to ask if it is ok to cheat on her husband, she should know it is not ok.


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  • I couldn't decide between the second and third choice so I played eenie-meenie-miny-mo and got Choice 2.

    That girl sounds cray as hell. Not cool.

  • LOL welcome to GaG.

  • nope its not okay at all to cheat!!!

  • Your poll is confusing. Yes what? No what?

    • This girl on her posted last night if it was ok for her to cheat on her husband. I said do you think its okay? Yes or No or Did she lose her mind?

    • OK then, I vote no.

    • That's the same way I feel its not right

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