Shouldn't we make it illegal for people over 40 to marry because of the increased risk for birth defects towards children? No?

Then shouldn't we allow a man who is already married marry his sister? Especailly when, around 70% of the children are born perfectly healthy?

"Just last year, a study in Nature found that rates of autism and schizophrenia rise sharply in the babies of older dads, with the risk doubling for every 16.5 years of paternal age. Another study, also in Nature, found something similar for autism, beginning when a man is just 35—the same ostensible trouble-age as for moms."
Incestuous Unions:
(Usually First-Degree Relatives)
Risk above general population:
31.4% for death and severe defect (4 data sets)

I am for EQUALITY and LOVE. aren't you?

So just allow the people who are sterile or dont plan on having children to marry and BAN the rest?
How is that not bigoted?
The problem with the "marriage does not equate to children" argument is invalid.
1. Because then go ahead and let BOTH examples marry. Because it they "might" not have kids.
2. What are you going to do force them to have abortions even if they marry as a punishment for having kids? Or put them in prison for having kids? These are HARDLY equal rights for everyone.

Tell me how this is equal rights, and treating them like the rest of us?

Please stop with this argument. Its just awful.


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  • It's an interesting topic although an uncomfortable one. I can't speak on the data or the study, I'm not qualified.

    90% would still be terrible. And we know that birth defects aren't 1 in 10 people looking over the population, or even close to that


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  • Marriage doesn't equal kids no matter what age you are. Some people don't ever want them. If you don't want to get married due to the chance for birth defects then don't. But just like you can't bitch about gays getting married if you're straight and how you can't bitch about Jimmy eating a donut if you're on a diet or how those who are gluten intolerant can't bitch about their friend eating a sandwich... it DOESN'T affect you.

    So hoe your own row and mind your own business. If others want to take that risk then that's their problem, not yours.

  • Marriage does not have to lead to children and children can be made outside of marriage. So marriage really is no factor in it whatsoever. I have no problem with incestuous relationships, as long as they don't reproduce with each other. There is no way to regulate reproduction without violating human rights. So there is really nothing that can be done on that front. Banning them from getting married won't do shit.

  • Getting married doesn't automaticlally equal kids

    • I already addressed this.

    • Would have been better if it was addressed in the first place so there wasn't any confusion.

      This is why we think before we speak

  • No. Incest is disgusting. You should not be thinking about your sister that way.

  • WHAT IS WRONG WITH ALL YOU PEOPLE? Marriage doesn't equal children? THAT'S what you're arguing? What about the fact that having sex with your sibling is absolutely despicable and abhorrent?


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  • The difference is that people can't help getting older. They can help not having children with their relatives. All they have to do is pick one of the few billion other people on the Earth to marry.

    • You dont get to pick who you fall in love with. Why are you being so bigoted and not allowing people to marry who they love!
      People can't help who they fall in love with. And people can't help getting older.
      So no.

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    • No. Wrong. Just because you don't choose to act on an emotion does not mean you chose that emotion. Or i could say the same thing about attraction.
      Again, you dont get to have it both ways.
      You dont get to choose who you fall in love with REGARDLESS if you act upon that emotion or not.
      You are clearly inferring that following through with this romantic feeling of love when it comes to 40 year olds or incest relationships is wrong.
      Otherwise you would say its fine.
      So no.

    • Being attracted to someone, and being in love with them are not the same thing. Attraction can literally happen at first sight. That is beyond a persons ability to control. If you start to develop romantic feelings for someone you know isn't good for you, then you can take actions to avoid letting those emotions have the chance to blossom into anything stronger. They are completely different.

      I never said anything was right or wrong, only that people have to try and find a balance between freedom, and the consequences that freedom brings, and people often won't agree where to draw that line.

  • The increased risk is by a little and that still wouldn't completely eliminate risk of genetic mutation to your offsprings, or other diseases. For example anybody can give their child down syndrome. While we are at it though we should eliminate cousin marriage too and sex cause that increases your chance of giving your child a birth defect and we shouldn't allow stupid people with low level IQ's to reproduce.

  • Well, Why can't they just marry and not have kids?

    Getting married dosent mean you HAVE to have kids ya know?

    • Please stop this.
      I addressed this with the update.

    • Dude, Why the fuck does it matter? If people want to have kids let them have kids...

    • Exactly. We should legalize both of them! Kids or not. This way love and equality wins!

  • ... because getting married implies getting children, right? And it's not possible to get children without getting married first of course!

  • Your question is all over the place.
    While your at it, we should just ban marriage all together and have a law that at 18 to 25 males have to do donate sperm and have doctors artificial sperm our wives or girlfriend.

    You can't stop marriage or babies being born. It happens daily.

    • Exactly.
      So why not allow someone who wants to marry his sister to marry her?

    • Because its gross on many levels.
      Incest relationship are the worst type to be in.

  • Enough with the loaded questions. This is a site for men and women to ask each other things, not try to convince them of their political views. Go back to tumblr.

  • Sorry man, you are all over the place and did not clear your point of view (for me and other people as I see).
    I say disown this question and make a more refined, arranged and organized structure for your question.

    • Communication is a two way street. Its as clear as it could be. There comes a point where the message is as simplified and clear as it can be. If the person reading it is illiterate, its not the fault of the message.
      There is nothing more simple than stating it as i already have.
      " Shouldn't we make it illegal for people over 40 to marry because of the increased risk for birth defects towards children? No?

      Then shouldn't we allow a man who is already married marry his sister?"

      Thats pretty clear.

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    • I did, but I was addressing your disappointment of the other's discussions, I tried to help but then we got off-point.

    • No its not. Its one question with qualifying examples using reductio ad abusurdum.
      For instance:
      Are you PRO A for reason for C?
      Then you must also be PRO B for reason C.

      The updates are just refutations of the argument.
      Everyone (except you) has answered the question as if they understood it.

  • Even the most primitive animals know not to bang their own siblings...

    • That's not accurate. Inbreeding happens with animals all the time. Animals often even have the parent trying to mate with its own offspring, meaning people have to go out of their way to keep the animals separated.

    • Not to mention its a logical fallacy to make this kind of argument.

      Really people 2 people agreed with this? How dumb are they?

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