How do I deal with insecurity with my wife?

My wife is 5 years older than me. (I'm 25 and she's 30). Whenever people see us in public sometimes I get thumbs up from other guys. She also gets hit on a lot. Even though she turns them down and says she would never cheat on me I still have insecure moments. Having an attractive wife is hard and good at the same time. How do I stop feeling this way?


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  • She loves you that's all the matters. Guys are always going to hit on her because there pigs. And who knows one day a women will hit on you. But as long as you say No sorry I can't I am married and respect each other that's all that matters. Keep this in mind she is your wife and she is coming to you every night. Your the one having sex with her not them. Really? Who cares she is ALL yours.


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  • You may be feeling a bit insecure but as long as you know you are for each other and your relationship is solid... don't sweat it..!

  • Don't ruin ur marriage bcz of some stupid men they will b around fr a year or two...
    Ur wife will b all life long
    Trust her
    She is not a fool
    She loves u that's y shez turning them down

  • I bet you don't even have a wife. lol

    • I actually do. Why do you say that?

    • Idiocy/Poor reading comprehension probably.

    • "I actually do" is a pretty obvious lie, it's the use of actually that gives it away. Sorry boutcha!

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  • It's really hard to overcome insecurities, but trust your wife enough that she won't do anything to compromise your relationship with her.

  • Where is a pix of dat cutie 😘

    • Can't post them for some reason.

  • Put a bag over her head.