How do things get so bad in a marriage that u can't even see day light?


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  • sometimes people jst grow apart, change as individuals and its not fixable. maybe some counseling might help.
    try and find the good things that you love in each other and point them out.
    I've only been married for 2 years... but if/when something ever happens to ruin our happiness i'll do whatever it takes to fix us. you just gotta do what you can. and if it doesn't work. or its one sided... maybe you have to let go :(
    im sorry you (or whoever) is feeling that way...

    • I feel like I'm trying but he doesn't care he wants out I think he doesn't pay me attention I'm a stay at home mom and I still look good but I'm very jealous and I don't like him even speaking to other women and I just want him to adore me again like he used to any advice its only been three years

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    • I have tried but he just thinks I'm just physco so I don't know I just hope God can help us

    • maye he's jsut going through something right now.
      hopefully he changes and fixes it. if not... its not good to have your kids around a negative marriage...
      just pray and do what you can...

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  • When you partner locks you in a cellar?
    Did I win?

  • It just does, mine is hopeless and just feel stuck since so many things are tied together and kids, just waiting it out for now


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  • Can you elaborate?

    • Yeah I have a mood disorder and so does he and he is pulling away from me and I'm going off on him and he says I'm controling it will be good for like two weeks and bad for a month

    • K so both partners have a mood disorder and due to the cyclical nature I'm guessing one of you is Bipolar? Mood disorders need therapy and sometimes meds. The worst thing you can do is shut yourself in idolizations. The only thing worse than that you can do is shut yourself off in isolation with another person experiencing a depressive episode.

      Get one on one counseling, move in with famy if needed. It's like trying to rescue a drowning victim flailing around when you don't have a flotation device. Best.

  • Nobody deserves to be abused by their partner and in every abusive situation - divorce is the automatic solution to the problem.