Is this too fast?

I'm in engaged to my fiance. my family loves him and his family loves me. we met January 2009 and he proposed a month later. we are getting married in april 2010. I'm worried in the future people will think we got married to fast.


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  • How old are you?

    It's normal to have these doubts and there are those who say it's just the premarriage cold feet, however...

    Talk to anyone older and they will tell you that they are glad or regret getting married so early as they say it's in their 30's that they were more refined and ready for marriage.

    Look, there's no rush to get married. You love him, awesome... but you should keep in mind they your 20's a still a learning about your years, I'd say enjoy the 20's and focus on fun and wait for marriage.

    That feeling of doubt you are feeling is an indicator to yourself but never make decisions based on what others think.

    Grain of salt.


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  • If you love him and he loves you and you can see you and him being together for life , why would you care what other people think? The more time with the people you love the better I say , life really is too short ! Congrats on the wedding xx

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