Do 19 year old boys just want sex especially after getting out of a 2 year relationship?

My friend who is 19 is interested in someone who is 7 years older then him and ENGAGED. she flirts with him on Facebook over those social interviews and he flirts with her back. He told me that they did stuff in the summer she had feelings for him but said because she's engaged she cant. Meanwhile he tells me that his Ex/gf (they've been broken up for 1yr now and were in a 2yr relationship and he was in love with her) started texting him again and that he hates girls. I've sent him harmless Facebook comments amongst many other girls but he deletes mine. We had a slight past that included just kissing and refused to do anything more. Is there something different with me? He no longer flirts with me because I told him I'm not some booty call and deserve to be respected.

and is this 27 year old just there to pleasure him to forget his ex?

what the heck is running though his head?

this is rather messed up situation if you ask me.


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  • He seems to be interested in the older woman, who is most likely just leading him on... If he treated you as a booty call and you told him you weren't, he might feel abit awkward now around you, because of it... I'm not sure why exactly people delete Facebook comments, but its usually to cover something up, or to hide it from someone else who would be on his profile... It is abit messed up.


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  • Pity the flirt's fiance. In actuality, she's being unfaithful. What sort of wife will she make?

    It IS messed up. Get away from it.


  • 19, 29, 39.. all guys want sex.. I'm 26 and slept with a 35 year old and it's been the highlight of my sexual conquests to date.


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