Opinion on our choice of song for first dance please :) ?

Hi people :) I'm getting married in a little over two months and I love love love the 1975. However... None of there songs are very wedding-y.. And so my fiance and myself have decided to use The 1975 cover of what makes you beautiful (in the live lounge) I love this idea.. But if you were a guest and my wedding and you heard this, would you straightaway think 'oh it's one direction'. I am not a fan of one direction and love that The 1975 made the song their own in their cover of it.
so do you think I should still use it?
Thanks for any advice or input :)


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  • I went and listened to it. That definitely sounds like something I can imagine for a wedding. Other possible songs include...
    Only exception - Paramore
    Iris - Goo Goo Dolls (ehh maybe)
    Collide - Howie Day
    The Reason - Hoobastank
    Chasing cars - Snow Patrol
    You and me - Lifehouse

    • Thank you :) I didn't think of paramore :) x

    • Glad to be of help! Thanks for MHO. Good luck with your wedding, I'm sure it will be great!

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  • I have always wanted La Vie En Rose for my first dance but it is kind of cliche and might not work well with your taste in music.

    • Can't say I've heard of it to be honest, but thank you anyway :)

    • You haven't heard of it? It is Louis Armstrong. Well, at least the English version.

  • How about All of Me by John Legend? 🌸😊

    • Too overplayed for my taste, but thanks for the suggestion :)

  • From this moment by Shania Twain
    thats a beautiful song that i've always want to be played at my wedding

  • you should still use it.

    • I think I will.. Thank you :)

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