I'm new to this dating thing, I need someone to explain this to me.

OK, I'm afraid of dating. More, specifically, I'm afraid of break ups. What I'm saying is that should I date or be in a relationship with a girl that I may not marry in the future. If I know that I may not marry a certain girl is it wrong to be in a relationship with her? If a relationship will not end in a marriage, then there will be a break up.

I just want someone to explain this whole dating thing to me.

Thank you


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  • Well, at your age most relationships will not lead to marriage. Relationships are a way of learning about being with someone and can help you consider more about what it would be like to be married. I am not sure how you know without a doubt that a person you liked enough to be in a relationship with would never be a person you would marry. If you have certain religious convictions or maybe you want kids and the woman doesn't or can't, well I could see that. I think if I knew without a doubt that I could never marry someone, and that eventually I did want to get married, then I would not want to start a relationship with that person because you will become attached and so will they.

  • Look dating should be about having fun, getting those butterfly feelings and being excited when you see that person. Sure the ultimate goal is to find someone to spend the rest of your life with, but you can have fun to. My rule for dating is really simple date the person until you don't feel it anymore. As soon as you start getting that feeling this isn't the one, I don't like her kissing me then move on. Obviously this isn't the person for you and you shouldn't waste your time any longer. Being afraid of break ups is a little ridiculous the person will eventually get over it and so will you. Get out their and just see what happens, you might find the person of your dreams; you don't know until you look.


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