How do you know if you're ready for marriage?

It's a simple question. Pretty straight forward. So, what do you think, how can you tell if they're the right person? And if you know that they are, how do you know if you're both ready?


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  • If BOTH people are willing to give up ANYTHING AND/OR EVERYTHING else for the REST OF THEIR LIFE, whether it be family, friends, job, money, fame, possessions, or whatever else for the sake of the other person.

    And if BOTH people will love and cherish that person, be totally unselfish forever and will live for the other person, even through all the faults, mistakes and whatever else the person commits.

    Obviously there's more then that, but I would say in a nut shell that is how you would know.

  • You just know. It's the same as knowing when you are in love with someone.


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