If two men can legally marry then why can I not legally marry my second wife?


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  • firstly that isn't the same at all but I do think polygamy should be allowed. I don't agree with it but I don't see how it is wrong if everyone consents

    • You dont think it should be allowed but have no problem If everyone consents?

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    • The used to say marriage can only be between a man and a woman.

    • I guess but that is why I said I am not sure rather than stating it as a fact

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  • It's just another thing that needs to be changed. If everyone involved consents, then it should be legal.

  • you cannot legally marry your second WIFE? Uhm, what? o_O

    • oh and why the heck are you comparing this with gay marriages?

    • Because why should plural marriage couples be discriminated against

  • men can't legally marry more than once. you can only be married to one person at a time, legally.

    • Not true. I am married to two women. I just wsnt the government to give us the same rights as the gays

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    • o...
      well you can only legally be married to one person here. palygymy (being married to two ppl) is illegal in the usa. I don't know how long its been like that, but i dont think it will be changing any time soon :/ ... but who knows.

    • gay people can't marry more than one person.
      they are only married to one person. if they are bi they can only have one, not a husband AND a wife. they have the same rules as straight people.

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  • I don't know, I see absolutely nothing wrong with it if consent is given by all peoples involved in the marriage. It should be legalized.

  • You technically can't marry your wife. If she was your wife, you would've already married her.

    • Depends. Does a marriage gave to be legal?

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    • I just dont see why our marriage is discriminated against

    • Marriage is just a signed paper anyway. I don't think it should really matter.

  • Gay marriage is wrong and polygamy is also wrong.

    God made man for woman. Not man for man or woman for woman, or in your case, man for woman and then another woman.

    Do you want to sin because someone is doing it?

    • There is no religious reason that I am aware of to believe that polygamy is a sin. Polygamy was actually common in the bible by the men that God showed favor on.

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    • America's constitution is based off of the ten commandments, which has go do with Christian ty. Bottom line is, polygamy and gay marriage are wrong, what I don't understand is, what him wanting to marry his so called "second wife" has to do with gay marriage.

    • @Amplify You know perfectly well which God she was talking about. It is possible that she could be Muslim, or Jewish, but my point would still be accurate as they all share many of the same stories.

      You were responding to me, and not to her, and I was talking to her about the reasons for it being illegal. If you want to jump into a conversation then you are the one responsible to make sure you understand what the people involved are already talking about.

  • Marriage=1+1=2
    Gay marriage=1+1=2
    A man and 2 women= 1+1+1+=3
    Therefore a man and 2 women ≠ marriage

    • Or 1+1+1=8 members of a happy family

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    • So what your saying is that my family should continue to hide in the shadows in fear of the state police and atf kicking down my door and taking away my kids all because they dont approve of how we live

    • @asker
      I'm not say that at all. I think it should be legal to have two wives. I'm just saying that comparing it to gay marriage isn't a good argument.

  • Why would you want a second wife? The first one is bad enough

    • Because I love them both and we have six beautiful kids

    • What the hell?

    • I dont understand why people are so predudice. After all if the gays can marry why can't we?

  • You should be able to


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  • It is just another taboo that people take an issue with. People are always trying to tell other people how to live their lives.

  • I just... S-Sorry, it's just...

  • Because they only fought for gay rights. If you want to have 2 spouses, you need to make a separate stink about it to the government.

    America was founded on Christianity. Until the Pope said it was nessecary, it was frowned upon to marry twice. You are only supposed to marry one person ever.


    • Whoops, made a typo. It's STILL frowned upon to marry more then once by most Christians that I know. Apparently they don't care what the Pope says.

  • Your time will come soon, your time will come.

  • #MarriageEquality anyone who says no is a bigot. 'Murica.


  • is there any law bout it?

    • Yes they won't recognise my second wife

  • I don't understand. You mean two wifes?

    • Yes exactly. I havd two wives but the government won't recognise my second one.

    • I thought that was called bigamy?