How can a guy go from treating you like the world to a total stranger?

this guy use to scream to the world that he cares for me and wanted to be with me, he use to talk to my mother about me and we went from talking every second that we could to him just forgetting about me and now it's like nothing ever happened between us . how is so easy for guys


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  • girls do the same thing. me and my ex were talking about getting engaged after we'd been dating for a while. she was an awesome girlfriend and seemed genuinly crazy about me. then one day she called me, said it was over and was dating this guy who she'd sworn was "just a friend" three days later. I never liked the guy but I trusted her and I got screwed over. Explain that to me and I will be very happy. As for a guy doing it, he may be interested in another girl or he may just not be at a point in his life where he's ready to date the same person for an extended period. either way it says nothing about you and the fact that you went looking for answers and solutions says to me that your probably a pretty good girlfriend to him. my advice is to ask him. its always good to sit down and discuss where a relationship is headed so your both on the same page. maybe he's just getting comfortable with you an is taking you for granted without realising it. That's a personal fault of mine when I've been dating a girl for a while but if the girl says something I generally try to make sure she knows how special she is after that. If you talk to him about it and nothing changes, find a guy who appreciates you. good luck


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  • He's a jerk who lost interest. Period.

    You're better off without him. Just think about a relationship with him.



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  • Sometimes they become afraid of commitment or find another girl, they could've gotten bored or wanted something different etc. There's a lot of different reasons why guys interest can dwindle. I wouldn't think too much about it, there will plenty of other guys out there and if one guy doesn't want you, then he can suckkk it. (:

    • Idont know why something is telling me to keep holding on. I'm just an idiot and a sucker for love lol but I know when I see him again ina couple of months he's going to try to talk to me and ill be stronger then that.

      and your make up is nice not too much:)

    • Yeaa. you just shouldn't give him the time. & thanks (:

    • Yeah your makeup is on point.

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