Do you think my cousin believers her husband might leave her?

My cousin is somebody who never admits when she is wrong. When she is actually in the wrong, she will simply lie and say the other person is wrong and she is reacting to their error.

For example - she kept getting dumped by her boyfriends for being a pathological liar - and then she would lie and say she was losing interest in her ex-boyfriends because they had anger management issues or did not appreciate her or was getting too fat.

These last 2 years she has been married to a guy who jokes about divorcing her on a regular basis and even though he makes a lot of money (more money than her apparently) - she keeps telling us she is not completely satisfied with her husband and sometimes wonders if marrying him is a mistake.

sometimes I wonder if she is saying this so that when and if her husband leaves her - we will think less of her husband and not less of her. Maybe she does not want to disappoint her family members but secretly believers she might have to if her husband leaves her.

What do you think?


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  • Your cousin has a mental disorder from the sound of it. You should get her some help.


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