What does every bride and groom need at their wedding, in order to have the perfect wedding for their guests?

I have this theory that there are only ever really 5 things that any wedding needs in order to be successful in the eyes of the guests.

1. The food needs to be tasty and plentiful enough so that guests aren't hungry
2. Guests need physical comfort. Not too hot/cold/too many mosquitos. If so, provisions were made for shade/heat/and pest control. Were there seats or places to rest after dancing, especially in heels.
3. The music needs to be good enough to where adult guests can dance and recognize at least some or all of the music.
4. The pace needs to be good. Having to wait 6 hours between activities, or too long or late for food service is awful.
5. Did the couple look to be in love and enjoying themselves. Couples set the pace. If they look sad and depressed, are dragging and/or super tired throughout, guests feel that and it can kill the party vibe.

Is there anything else honestly that would be significant enough where it would affect guests approval ratings?


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  • No drama! Weddings can be full of drama with all the family and friends there.


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  • i think thats all.