Why does someone post that they got married and HUNDREDS of their "friends" like it or comment it?

At the bottom of the posting he linked to, it says the bride's first marriage ended in divorce.

If her husband cheated on her or abused her... I get it... but in all likelihood it was for "irreconciable differences"... which is obviously BS.

So I said Matthew 5:32... not that anyone listens to it anymore.

Although considering I am sure he had sex with her before they were married I doubt he cared anyway.


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  • ... why are you STILL bashing people for doing their own thing, and the only grounds you have to back up your argument is 'that's what the bible says'?

    The bible also says that Jesus walked on water... maybe you could give that a try too? As a way of testing just how credible the bible is, of course.

  • Pretty judgmental of you


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