Can you Sell Marriage to me?

GIve it your best shot and I'll respond. Try to stay away from emotional justifications such as love and companionship - those things are a given in any relationship.


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  • Billy maise here ! Buy this marriage

  • You are stronger financially. For the law, you are more reliable in the financial sense when you are married.

    The party is great. Lots of people are very happy for you and you get to dance with everyone and drink lots.

    Other than that.. Yeah there's no point.

    • Stronger financially? - am you know 50% of marriages end in divorce right? and that women spend far more than they save? Party is good I suppose, but I'd feel like a chicken in Macdonalds eating KFC while everyone nervously smiled at me.

    • I'm sure they do - people overrate marriage, want to get married asap, often at a far too young age, when they don't even know what they want in life yet. Not to mention all the celibate people who thought it was all about that first night of (often very disappointing) sex. Great way to start your marriage, huge disappointment on the first night! :D

      If you have a partner that you know you want to spend the rest of your life with, I say marriage is pointless, you don't need a piece of paper to confirm what you already knew. The only advantages in that scenario, I listed in my previous post.

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