Is it wrong to suggest that someone postpone a personal vacation so they can attend your destination wedding?

My sister and her family go to Kauai every 2 years or so. This year, they are planning to go but haven't booked anything at all.

When I told her I was considering a destination wedding next year, she immediately started whining about the cost and wanted me to rescheduel to a destination in the states, so tickets would be cheaper.. they wouldnt' need passports... and so her husband could go fishing.

Just thinking logically... emotions aside...(even though I'm really hurt she would even think to suggest my wedding should be planned around her husband being able to fish and so they wouldn't have to get passports) wouldn't it make sense to not go to Kauai, and instead use that money towards a destination wedding.. which also could couple as the family vacation? Would it be rude to suggest that idea to her if she's complaning about money?

I certainly don't expect people to plan their lives around my wedding, but if you are complaning about the cost... wouldn't it make sense to kill 2 birds with one stone and forego your Hawaii vacation for a tropical vacation elsewhere that also happens to be your sister's wedding location?

I'm just wanting to throw out ideas to her so she can have both a vacation and come to my wedding, but don't want to sound rude or act as if she should change her life for me.


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  • My friends and family all traveled over 600 miles to attend my wedding, so yeah I'm just gonna say that your sister is being completely ridiculous.

    • I also feel she's being unreasonable to suggest to anyone that they plan their wedding around the convenience of her... but I don't want to come across as some sort of Bridezilla.

    • I agree, that's not on. It's your wedding, you can plan it whenever the f- you want. If she can't make it then, well, she can't make it.

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  • I was wondering would people travel 24 hours for if I did a destination wedding as well. For those who dont come, I'd just send pics. Your sis should go or get over it. If she's been to Kuai more than once, then it shouldn't hurt to miss out this once

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