How can I convince my girlfriend to marry me?

hello everybody
i'm in relationship for two years and 9 months , and my girlfriend went away from me , i will see her just once or twice a year , and i can't be patient any more i miss her very much , i love her so much and im sure she loves me as much i love her , and i want to marry her , i'm afraid that she will refuse to marry me , because she was married before and she had fuxxing problems before with her ex , , and she get divorced , and she give up in marriage ,,,
i asked her before to marry me and she refused ( 1 year ago and few months ) i was very very sad , and we just keep talking and meeting because i really love her and is not easy for me to live without her , and i understand that she had a fuxxing problems before with her fuxxking ex , and now we back to normal , and we are happy all the times , and i will meet her next September and i will ask her to marry me again , and i don't what to do , is there any human in this world can help me?


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  • Well, I'm sorry hun but you can't make someone be interested in marriage. If she doesn't have the desire to get married again in the future then there really isn't anything you can do to convince her otherwise. If she is divorced then it's understandable why she would be hesitant to marry again. Of course you can talk to her about it though. I would recommend talking to her first before just randomly proposing to her.

    Talk to her and see what her thoughts are. Maybe she'll be interested in marriage again if she has more time to consider it. If not, then perhaps you and her are just not compatible. If you both want different things then it might be difficult to make the relationship work and that could be something you will have to think about as well. Best of luck to you.

    • thank you for help :) , first we understand each other very well , and we have more than 100% common things , and we trust each other , i'm sure that she loves me , just i'm afraid to get refused again to marry her , i'm not forcing her , just now she went away from the country and we can meet just once or twice a year , for few days , and i can't survive with this forever , so i decide to move to live with her or she back to live with me , is not a problem for me , i just want to be with her forever

    • I understand that. I just think you should talk to her about this first before just surprising her with a proposal. Give her some time to think about it :)

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  • She has been Divorced and it Obviously has left this sour ball in her mouth here, dear, and she is Avoiding the Idea of doing it again.
    Now it has come down to it, 'Two years and 9 months later,' that you are going to be In this LDR, which is One of the hardest to Have and to Uphold of Any.
    First, make sure the LDR works on Both parties hearts and with This, make sure Skype becomes part of the package deal. It will keep things going and flowing and what you have started, Continuing and with This, by 'Next September,' you should be able to see if Asking her to spend the rest of her life with you, is Different Now. She just may want to Accept this time for hopefully Absence would have made the heart grow fonder.
    If Not, and you again reaching a dead end, then you know that she is just Not into walking down the aisle again or tossing the bouquet To... Anyone.
    Good luck. xx

    • thank you so much for help :) i hope she chance her mind , yeah ofcourse i talk with her everyday in Skype , i can't spent one day without talking with her ,,, ooh thank you i really need a Good luck :)

    • oh, so welcome, and if you both make the effort it can work.. LDR is hard but love will find away and maybe it This test proves itself, wedding bells in the future. xx

  • so you asked her once and she refused? maybe you can ask her again and hoping she changed her mind about it! i wish you best of luck

    • me too i hope she change her mind , thank you :)

  • It sounds like she is leading you on. Maybe that is apart of the attraction? Maybe some couples counselling may help to determine where your relationship is heading and if you are on the same page.

  • you should ask her again..

    • thank you , ofcourse i will :)

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