Is this a silly/tacky wedding idea?

Wifey and I are finally realizing that we can't afford our dream wedding when there are 200+ guests involved. So, we were thinking of either eloping or having a destination wedding that only consisted of parents, grandparents, and siblings. Running off out of state is our only way of nicely telling the other guests and distant relatives "yo ass ain't invited".

Anyways, we wanted to at least be kind enough to have an "elopement reception" when returning home. However, we wanted to keep it simple. We were thinking of having a BBQ and invite over everyone who didn't accompany us out of town. We'd buy a large wedding cake with several tiers and serve it for dessert as well. Do you think this laid back BBQ reception will be considered tacky? Is an elopement reception even necessary?


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  • Not at all. That's what we did. And for the same reasons and more. You're especially in the clear if you didn't send out invitations yet.

    • Phew! Glad to hear :)

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    • I understand. I just want a nice group photo of everyone in white... But I understand

    • Well what do I know? LOL Maybe run it by people and see if they are up for it? I know in my family they would have not been liked being told what to wear and if people didn't have white to feel obligated to go buy it when they would never wear it otherwise. Just my opinion.

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  • Well I believe a elopement reception of some sort would definitely be good considering if u want to get closer with distant relatives and or friends. I mean it depends on how you want your future to be, either stick with the main family and new one being happily made and leave the not so close ones out there. Or get closer to them and possibly have amazing relatives that could very well be ure very next best friend. I mean there really is no right or wrong choice in this. Just do what you think is best and hope it works out. So good luck to you and happy marriage. ^_^