I like a hindu girl she also likes me I am muslim by the way , her family is so conservative toward us? What should I do now?

Where you first give me the reference from Quran... I can't argue on that holy book


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  • Well, Hindus believe in polytheism, and according to Surat Al-Baqarah verse 221, Muslims should not be in a relationship with polytheistics.

    I'm not telling you what to do in your life, but as a Muslim myself, I think it's my deity to remind you with this in case you don't know.

    • Typo: Duty* not deity.

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    • @bubble_tea the reason behind that is, although that we believe in the same God and we have a lot of similarities but still we have a lot of differences, and accepting those differences means that you are losing your faith, If I say "I'm Muslim but I also think that Christianity is a true religion", I'm implying that I think Jesus being the son of God is true, and that means I'm canceling my Muslim faith which says, Jesus is not the son of God, God doesn't beget children and Jesus is just a prophet, thus I wouldn't be a Muslim in this case, and if a Christian says that "I'm Christian but I also think that Islam is a true religion" then they are implying that Jesus is not the son of God, God doesn't beget, and Jesus is just a prophet, and in this case they are canceling their Christian faith and thus they wouldn't be Christians.

      This is just an example to show you that accepting those differences means that you are canceling your faith so it doesn't work.

    • But I believe that even if we disagree with each other's beliefs, but we should still respect each other.

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  • If her family is more important to her, then you cannot do much.

    If you both plan to get married, then have a third party to help negotiate with the parents.


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  • Well, I am an agnost.. I should not be saying this.. but since you love her and all.. why not convert to Hinduism?

    • I never forced her for conversion too

    • I know that.. But since you can convince your parents.. But not hers.. It would be easier this way.

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