Honeymoon Roadtrip from North Florida to South Florida! Which key cities & beaches should we check out along the way before our stay in Key West?

We only plan to be in these cities for a day or two... Also, is the prettiest (clearest) water on the East Coast (Atlantic Ocean) or West Coast of Florida (Gulf of Mexico)? We'll definitely make a stop in these cities (unless that consists of too much Zigzagging): Panama City, Destin, Daytona, Orlando, and Miami! What else is out there?


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  • Pine Island/Cayo Costa

    • Okay whats interesting in those places besides the beach?

    • There are tons of natural areas and preserves.
      Bunch of different shops/touristy things.
      Boat tours/Fishing tours

    • Thanks for MH :)

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  • Ft Lauderdale

    • Okay whats there?

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    • Any certain tourist attraction though? Sorry, just curious. We mainly want to sightsee

    • I remember it being a quieter more mature place. Look at their website

  • islamorada & key west

    • I've seen pics but does the water really look clearish like in the Caribbean?

  • CONGRATULATIONS & Best Wishes! I live in Palm Beach County. They have many nice beaches and Juno Beach Pier is awesome for great fishing. I also like Fort Myers, a lot going on in this smaller town. Nice little downtown scene, day or night. Fort Myers Beach is further south and always busy.

    Enjoy your honeymoon! May it never end!


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  • The water is pretty and the sand is pure white and soft in Panama city. That's my hometown. I lived in West palm, Florida for three years up until a year ago and the water is nice there too but the sand is like salt and pepper and gritty. Destin is nice as well with white soft sand. You can travel a straight road from Destin to Panama City Beach. Be careful driving on 95 to South Florida bc people drive crazy hell down there. Have fun!