Should my marriage get annulled?

I have been married for 7.5 years, but I have never been interested in sex with this person. I suppose that means I didn't accept him for who he was when we married. I have always had a problem with his health. And I am not physically attracted to him. Yet, he really loves me and is good to me. I find myself selfish in the relationship, and I realize this is a one-sided marriage. He doesn't want to lose me, but I don't seem to want to change. I am young enough to still have a family one day. I really would like to have a marriage one day that is with someone I love and am attracted to and can raise a family with. What should I do?


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  • "Empty Love"

    You are with him because he treats you with respect and how you want to be treated; not for a compassionate love, which includes your personal desires combined with the other person's.

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    I really would like to have a marriage one day that is with someone I love and am attracted to

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    My advice: Divorce him and find the right person before doing anything else.

    (Additionally, it would be respectful not to take everything he has *technically 1/2* because it was your maljudgment which gave you the benefit of the doubt to free stuff... Don't take his belongings, it would ruin him with taking his marriage away too)

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  • Been there...done that! I feel your pain! I was 6 years into my marriage and found that I just couldn't take it anymore and I ended up cheating and left my husband. I am by no means telling you to do this because I still 7 years later regret "how" I did it. But I must admit that I am so damned relieved to be out of it. He was a great husband and I never wanted for anything but I made the mistake of marrying a man that I had no physical attraction to and thought that I would fall in love soon. It never happened and it cause me to despise him for no reason. I am now finally in love and very attracted to this man but the security that I had come accustom to is gone. I traded in one problem to gain a different But I will stay where I am now any day just to be able to experience the feeling of love and attraction...And great sex! Hope this helps, good luck!

  • I think you sort of answered don't accept him and you don't seem to even love him. You need to leave him, for his sake. If he is such an amazing guy then he doesn't deserve to be with someone whoe feels like you do.

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