Would you be disappointed with a Honeymoon Weekend Getaway (in which would only last 2-4 days)?

We were thinking about going to the Bahamas. I hear they are pretty expensive. The suite we want to stay in is like thousands of dollars for several nights. Thats a bit ridiculous. Would it disappoint you if your honeymoon lasted for only a weekend? I mean maybe we could stay in an expensive room for two nights and then downgrade for the other nights to make it last longer? Im not sure.


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  • better stay in a fuckin awesome room for just a weekend... than spend a full month stayin in a shitty room in my opinion ;)


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  • To be honest yes. Not because of the fact of not being there for long.

    But ill be fucked if im taking a 15 hour plane trip, only to stay for 48 hours just to take another fucking 15 hour plane trip xD.

    You need like at least a week between long haul flights otherwise i will be the single most miserable and grumpy cunt for the duration of a holiday ever xD

    • Lol I understand, but my plane trip shouldn't take 15 hours

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