How many different wedding beverages should we serve? Is punch and champagne enough?

I assume most of everyone would enjoy the wedding punch. The champagne would be adults-onlu of course. Yet is that enough to serve for both the cocktail hour and the reception? Or should I throw in things like tea, lemonade, sodas, etc? I really want to maintain an elegant image so I'm not for sure if sodas will fit.


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  • Can you afford An hour or so of Open bar, just a helpful Suggestion. After That, everyone should buy what beverage they want or can ask the waitress as well for a specific drink.
    The Punch bowl can remain, along with the huge coffee Maker on the table with the lovely buffet, I am assuming will Also be there, later bringing out the magnificent wedding cake.
    Coffee, tea and soda should be free with the buffet.
    Good luck and Congrats. xx

    • Well my wedding is from 2-5. Is alcohol besides champagne really necessary?

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    • Haha Thanks :)

    • Thank you, sweetie, and you are so welcome, and Thank you so much for the vote of Confidence for allowing me to add my own golden touch. Congrats again, my friend!:)) xxoo

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  • You've got to have beer, wine and spirits too.

    • Beer at a noon wedding? I'll save that for the barbecue gathering the night before

  • if you have the money. why not? sure a little comes a long way for this wedding reception.

    • I dont exactly have the money. Thats why I was wondering as a wedding guest, would you be bothered if the only beverages were punch, champagne, and water?

    • to my point of view.. nope they dont.

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  • You should have the option of Water and Tea

    • I forgot to mention that water is already included with the punch and champagne

  • i think that's enough.

    • So water, punch, and champagne is enough? Tea and soda not needed? Right?