Wife had a nightmare about our daughter?

Last night, my wife had a dream about our two month old daughter. They were sitting by a river when someone came up to her, took the pram off her and pushed it into the river. She woke up screaming and crying, she was practically inconsolable. I didn't know what to do so i just held her and then i showed her that our daughter was safe and well. She's not coped well so far and she gets down sometimes, she's struggled to get the baby to feed and breastfeeding hasn't worked for her at all. Could this be some kind of psychological response and should I think about getting her some support?


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  • She is just overly stressed as a new parent.
    She needs a day to herself while you take over.

    She sounds burnt out in all honesty.
    Being a new parent is exciting but also overwhelming at times.


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  • If it's a one time thing, don't worry. If it starts repeating itself (or similar) , she probably has serious anxieties. You might then consider getting her some support.


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  • It might be a psychological response.


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  • I need more information. Either message me or answer the following:

    - Is this her first birth and pregnancy?
    - What are their interactions like during times of not breastfeeding?
    - What do you mean by "not coped well" and how is she acting when "down"?
    - How was the pregnancy in terms of her behavior?
    - Any current medication being used? If so, what?