The problem which I am currently facing is being single... can you tell what is the right age to settle down and raise a family?

i donot want to rush but the time is ticking... i am italian and my parents still ask me "when you will marry" , i mean Italian culture is based on family (if you know what i mean) ... i donot want arranged marriage. any idea would help me. Appreciate your response.


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  • guys mature from 25 up right?
    i think you are just the right age
    and even from what i see on gag guys who are 28+ usually sound more interesting and mature in their responses

    like you are not an adult but you are not old either... just right you know
    that's of course if your age IS really 30 xD

    good luck !

    • yea, really 30 y i should lie... no body forced me to write the age
      Lie is Lie, no black no wight. thanks for ur input

    • not lies lol but sometiems people dont care and just write down w. e lol

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  • We married at 25. My brother at 40 (or 35?)


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  • The right age is when you find the right lady
    You're still good, just marry someone young enough
    So I would just say to your folks, that you still have time to marry someone nice and young enough to have a family with and you won't marry 'til you find that person

  • try to meet lots of new people

    • not all people are socialized. some girls wants to play as they think they still young and can find the whoever they think is good. appreciate your response.

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  • set culture apart bro... culture shouldn't force people wot should they do.
    and there's no right age to settle down. i'd just say "when time comes and u've found da perfect gal for u"

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