How did you know you wanted to get married?

What was different from your past S. O. s? What made you realize that that person was the one you wanted to be with forever?


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  • I am divorced now, so ultimately my decision was wrong, but. . . when I was dating my future wife, if I got mad at her, I wanted to resolve the difference as quickly as possible and I wasn't very concerned about who was right and who was wrong. When I was mad, I told her that I was mad but that I still loved her very much and I wanted to go to sleep with my arms around her.

    • Then why'd u guys get a divorce?

    • She had a 24 year old daughter who lived with us and who was an absolute leach. She paid no rent, did nothing to help around the house, mistreated her mother, and threatened me (and she had a handgun.) When I complained about it, my wife decided to kick the wrong person out of the house.

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  • My husband and I just clicked right away. Our fights had meaning that we were able to communicate and solve. We have been connected at the hip ever since we started dating. I just had a moment one day where I was like omg, he loves me as much as I love him and I'm totally secure and comfortable with it!

    Once you get into THAT relationship you just know. It's so hard to explain, but it really is the greatest feeling, just like everyone says.


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  • Not being able to imagine myself with anyone else. And having kids kind of pushed it along.

  • ... I can tell you about when I realized I never wanted to...


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