How would you want your boyfriend to propose to you?

I'm trying to think of ways to propose and I'm curious to see the kinds of things women expect in a proposal. My girlfriend, like many girls I'm sure, has a dream wedding and has thought about this stuff since she was little. Does that mean she has a dream proposal too and how can I be sure what that is?

Besides giving her the ring and asking her to marry you, are there any other kinds of things you're supposed to do when you propose? For instance, would you want your guy to go down on his knee or make a speech about how much he loves you or would you prefer something less formal? If you're a private person, what other places besides home are good for a proposal? Is there anything else you can think of to make the proposal complete?


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  • Well, yeah every girl does have a dream wedding that they've been thinking of since like forever. But the proposal itself, I'd say, isn't that important. Don't get me wrong, it should be special and memorable but don't stress yourself out thinking too hard how exactly you should do it. Let what you're gonna tell her before actually asking "will you marry me?" be what you really feel for her, let it come natural and straight from your heart. Trust me, when you look into her eyes with the intention of proposing, knowing deep down that you love her and want to spend the rest of your life with her, something will come out. And she'll appreciate that more rather than have you practice it word for word or write down what you're gonna say and, perhaps, making it sound rehearsed.

    When my boyfriend proposed to me, he got down on one knee and I loved every second of his little speech =), so maybe I'm little biased but I think you can't go wrong with the one knee proposal. It's like, when you see him go down, you know what's coming next and you just get all these emotions running through your body all at once. I couldn't help getting emotional as soon as I saw him bending down - I could barely get out the yes lol. And if your girlfriend has dreamed of her proposal, she likely has imagined her guy kneeling down, so if you do, it'll be like you're acting out her dream.

    As far as where you do it, it really could be anywhere. You can take her out to dinner somewhere nice and propose in front of everyone - that would certainly make it special. But only if you have the guts for that and are absolutely POSITIVE that she'd say yes. You can do it alone at home and make it intimate (candles, dim lighting, etc.). Or you can do it at a family gathering. My cousin proposed to his girl like that and it was soo cute. Or you can go where you had your first date, kiss, where you two met, where you officially became an item, or anywhere special to the both you.

    Just remember, be natural and mean every word you say. It doesn't matter how you say it or how exactly you do it (as long as you're not too brief or seem not as happy as you should be). She'll be too ecstatic to worry about that. Be sweet and let her know just how much you love her. Regardless, you sound like you love her (you're debating over how exactly to propose to your girlfriend to make it special and everything she's ever dreamed of) so she's a lucky girl. Hope I helped. I'm sure everything will turn out great!

    P.S. have a nice ring ready, too .. that'll help =)

    Best Wishes!

    • Also, to answer your last question: what makes a proposal complete is mutual love, so as long as you have that, everything will be fine =)

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