Guys, Do you like a secular girlfriend?

hey I'm a secular girl from Middle eastern country ( almost Muslim )
my family and my roots are Muslims but I'm completely secular and I love peace
I'm not religious person and I just attract to westerns and All of us know most of them are Jewish or Christians
so guys, if you loved a girl and she is secular and lovely would you be with her?


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  • i see nothing wrong with middle eastern girls, i find them very attractive


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  • I prefer someone with secular views actually.

  • I prefer non religious women.

    • yeah secular people are better
      at least they dont let relgions control their lives

    • Not necessarily. For me its easier to related to a non religious women; like its much easier to relate to a gamer vs someone who doesn't play video games.

  • Yes, i do.

  • Yeah. Secularism must be inside if every single person. Otherwise, religion controls the people.

    • agree with you :)
      by the way greeting to istanbul , been there its charming

    • True, I have been there a couple times and loved there. I am not from Istanbul but thanks :)

  • My wife is I'm atheist, I'm atheist, so were my parents, so is our son.
    Nothing but kuffars here.

    • I didn't say atheists are bad and I have atheists friends, even me I'm deist person
      everybody is free to chose his way and lifestyle but you can't change what your family were , suppose they were Christians is it your fault so?

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    • Terrorist well don't tell me things I won't be convinced about and I wouldn't try to talk to u about anything why did u block me and I am brainwashed? Yeah I am coz I like to keep my brain clean

    • And have some respect asker , u know jacquesvol we disagree in a lot of things but I respect him we don't insult each other can't u do that asker

  • Well why r u still a Muslim then?

    • I think you misunderstood my question plus if you know the meaning of secularism you wouldn't ask this question
      before you judge like most of Arabic guys and I know you know I'm right, go and read about secularism, deism and all religions because you are like the rest Muslim / Christian because your parents are
      and you know if you want to convert to another religion they can kill you ( حد الرده ) so you must accept Islam even if you are not like that
      you are 18 you will discover everything when you grow up... before you judge again I studied share3a (شريعه ) for 4 years in my life so I'm telling you because I studied. and my only advice for you is to study too

    • Always ignorant and assuming where did u study and I am an azhar student with a degree in sharia and fuqh don't tell me to go read and assume things on me

    • you are in Azhar :D no wonder you are hard minded ignorant guy
      enjoy a lot with isis lol
      and oh share3a and fekh the two reasons why we are living in middle ages lol lol