Guys, Anybody here do the mail order bride thing?

Im just getting so tired of American women. They are all the same. A guy needs to make x money be x age, answer x questions correctly, to even be considered. And if you do make it that far they are lazy, want you to do all the cooking and cleaning, many dont want kids, they blame you for everything they dont like. Ugh its exhausting.

I just want to find a loving woman and start a family. Anybody do anything like this?


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  • The feminist movement and the PC Nazis have made American women into self centered shrews. I have read where this mail order bride marriages have about an
    80% success rates. But with cultural differences when they go wrong they really
    do. The feminist movement and the PC bs spawned by the Clintons and other bleeding
    heart liberals have rendered American men into sniveling, spineless wimps who
    are shouted down every time we stand up to these "independent women" and their shitty treatment of us. I'm sure this will piss off all the right people.

    • Did you go ahead with it?

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  • yes, im doing this but it takes work money time and lots of patience! but be cautious careful be on your guard ok? many foreign women wants to escape their life get a green card after marriage then divorce u taking your money so be careful! And its not fast can take a year after u the sponsor gets engaged or married till she gets a spouse or fiancĂ© visa to live in America! Also there are many forms through immigration that takes a long time to get approved 1st they can cost about 2500 to 3000 in fees to process Google USCIS [united states custom immigration services] but be very careful there are many scams fraud dishonest dating/marriage sites and women out there wanting your money! I am involved in a relationship with a young lady in china! If u have plenty of money lots of time and are very patient and smarts don't rush into anything blindly ok?" just keep your guard up be suspicious and don't believe everything u see or hear! its not easy or cheap or fast but to me its worth the work!

    • Lol sounds exactly like women here in the US. Women just wanting my money.

  • I can understand liking women from other cultures. But I think you are being totally unfair with your views about American women. You just can't categorize people like that. You especially can't categorize a group of people as large and diverse as women. Geez, that's half the population. While different cultures may have different tendencies, it''s far from universal.

    Having said that, about mail order brides...

    If you have the impression that women from some countries will just jump on any westerner who comes along, you are badly mistaken. They can, and will, be selective. You will be competing with the same kind of guys that you are now. There are enough guys looking elsewhere for potential wives that you have stiff competition. The girls are going to go for the same kind of things that you complain about. Why? Because they can. They are not desperate like some people think. They are going to be attracted to the good looking guys with money, good personality, common interests, etc.

    So what do you have to offer besides being a westerner? You need to have more to offer than a green card. They can get that from hundreds of guys.

    I'm not trying to be so totally negative about it. I'm just trying to paint a little more realistic picture than the rumors and stereotypes that circulate. I don't see anything wrong with doing it. But I think you should do some serious research first.

    As far as money, you need to have a minimum income for legal reasons. If you sponsor an immigrant, whether it's as a spouse or any other reason, you need to show financial ability to support them. It's not a lot of income, but you can't be totally broke and unemployed either. This is a legal requirement that you aren't going to get around.

    You also need to look out for scams. They are common. There are lots of legit cases also. I've known several that worked out just fine. It's just prudent to be careful and not let wishes rule you.

    • I have been relaying my experiences. Learn to read before you falsely accuse someone of making generalizations!

    • You see things that you believe, I see things that I know.

  • that's funny, right at the top of the page, right now... chineselady. com good luck!!

  • Dude canyoutell methe state you live in that way we all know what place not to visit. your meeting the wrong women if they think like that. Most of those type are the rich entitled girls. Screw them, let somebody else deal with their sorry asses.

    • Jersey, but I have meet women from other states. What eutopian state do you live in full of women who aren't like that?

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    • Denver area?

    • Yeah. Most girls here go for anything really. I've seen a girl going out with a guy in a wheelchair lol. You won't have a problem here.

  • No, I dont think I could do that

  • Yeah... my wife is now a hispanic maid